Aufgabengebiete, Lösungswege, Controlling

Management of Information Technology
Disciplines, Solutions, Controlling

1994. XIX, 317 pages, published by Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
ISBN 3-540-574581


The provision of efficient IT systems is becoming an increasingly important success factor for many large firms such as car manufacturers, banks and insurance companies. Management of Information Technology (IT-Management) envelops a range of interconnecting critical disciplines such as planning, development, testing, training and operation of IT systems. The central theme of this book is the proficient management of these disciplines. The description of each discipline is structured in tasks including goals, success factors, and implementation. The implementation includes design priciples and processes including tool support. Some practical examples of IT-specific working environments and associated job descriptions are provided alongside discussion points for researchers and developers of IT products. 

Further Information: 

1994 the book was a pioneer work and an important basis for my appointment as a honorary professor of IT-Management.
For the first time all critical disciplines of managing Information technology in an enterprise have been systematically described, including interfaces and solutions. Particularly striking is this in the Chapter concerning the Data Centre. Many important IT Service Management processes, which today are part of the ITIL Standard, are already described there.
By nature, the book is out-dated today. The terminology has changed, important currant topics are not covered, for example: "Agile Programming", "Cloud Computing" or "Security Management".
Basic statements like "Success Factors" or structures of processes are still up-to-date, by my experience.

Comments, suggestions as well as questions related to my "out-dated" book are very welcome.